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Whatever your make or model of vehicle at KRS we can service it here in Kettering and surrounding areas - Car Servicing from just £78

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When arranging a vehicle service, it's important to establish what the service includes at Kettering Repair Solutions we offer 2 levels of Servicing:-

Our 28 point Interim Service (6 months/6,000 Miles) includes

  • Checking Windscreen washers and wiper
  • Checking Brake Fluid Condition
  • Checking and topping up all under bonnet fluids
  • Changing oil and filter
  • Check Tyres
  • Check Brakes and wheel bearings
  • Include engine oil change
  • Air, fuel and pollen filters (if fitted)
  • Spark plugs (if a petrol engine)
  • Screen wash
  • Coolant/antifreeze consistency check
  • Brake fluid boiling point test
  • Full check of suspension
  • Steering heck
  • Brakes and tyre check

Our 50 Point Full Service (12 Months/12,000 Miles) includes as the interim service, plus

  • Replace Air Filter
  • Replace Spark Plugs (Petrol Engines)
  • Replace Fuel Filter
  • Replace Pollen Filter (If Fitted)
  • Check Battery
  • Check Clutch Cable/Cylinder
  • Reset Service Indicator

Car Servicing Kettering

Does my vehicle need a service?

Most modern cars only need servicing once a year, if your car is an older model it may require a service once every six months. The manufacturer's handbook will set what is best for your vehicle and if you have a more modern one it will tell you when it wants a service. Whether you need an interim or full service will depend on how you use your vehicle. For example, lots of short journeys will probably mean more frequent oil and filter change as the engine doesn’t get a chance to get to full temperature.

For any questions on car servicing, or if you wish to Contact Kettering Repair Solutions about our car servicing options we offer in Kettering please call 01536 516332 or use our Contact form.

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