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Uneven Tyre Wear Due To Poor Car Wheel Alignment

It is important to have your vehicle’s Wheel Alignment checked regularly as it can affect the safety of your drive. Wheels that are misaligned can cause your tyres to wear unevenly and increase in your fuel consumption. Luckily at Kettering Repair Solutions in Kettering we offer quality wheel alignment services at our car garage in Kettering.

If your car's wheel alignment is incorrect, it may cause your wheels to roll at an incorrect angle. If the top of your wheel and tyre is angled in towards the body of the car, the inside edge of the tyre is going to wear more quickly than the rest of the tyre, this is known as ‘Toe In’. If your car's wheels are angled away from the body of the car, then the outside edge of your tyres will get worn faster, this is known as ‘Toe Out’

As well as your tyres wearing unevenly, having your vehicle’s wheels aligned incorrectly may increase your fuel consumption. This is because the wheels are trying to pull the car in opposing directions, using more energy to propel you in the direction you want to go.

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